Fee Schedule
Statement Reconciliation - per hour (minimum 1 hour)$25.00
Research - per hour (minimum 1 hour)$25.00
Legal Processing Fee (Estate/Guardianship Accounts)
(charged at account opening and per review)
Legal Review Fee (Estate/Guardianship Accounts)
(charges may vary based on attorney review)
Notice of Levy and Writ of Garnishment Processing Fee$150.00
Garnishment Represented in Court, Per Hearing$300.00
Court-ordered Guardianship Account Set-up Fee$150.00
Christmas Club Withdrawal Fee (prior to 10/31)$25.00
Debit Card Replacement Fee (per card)$5.00
Remote Deposit Capture (per month)$25.00
Dormant Account Fees (per month, after no activity for DDA 12 months)$10.00
Dormant Account Fees (per quarter, after no activity for Savings 24 month)$10.00
Dormant Account Fees (per quarter, after no activity for Minor Savings 24 month)$10.00
Accounts Closing (opened less than 90 days)$25.00
Copies of Checks or Statements (per statement or item)$5.00
Return Item Fee (per item)$12.00
Return Mail Fee (per account, per statement cycle)
NSF Charge (per item created by check, debit, ATM debit or other electronic means)$36.00
Overdraft Charge (per item created by check, debit, ATM debit or other electronic means)$36.00
1st Continuous Overdraft Charge-assessed for the 6th calendar day account is overdrawn
Continuous Overdraft Charge-assessed per business day after the 6th calendar day account is overdrawn
Stop Payment Fee$36.00
Paper Statement Processing Fee (if account is not enrolled in eStatements) (excludes Privilege 55 and Minor Savings)5.00 per Statement Cycle
USB Statements (1yr of bank statements on USB drive)$25.00
Night Drop Bank Bags
Zipper Bag$5.00
Zipper Bag with Lock$20.00
Domestic Wire Transfers
Incoming Wire (customer)$10.00
Outgoing Wire (customer)$25.00
International Wire Transfers
Incoming Wire (customer)$15.00
Outgoing Wire (customer)$75.00
Other Miscellaneous Services
Collection Item (incoming or outgoing)$10.00
Fax (1st page)$5.00
Additional Faxed Pages$1.00
Official Checks$5.00 ($3.00 for Privilege 55)
Counter Checks (per check)$0.25
Coin Rolling (customer only min. $10.00)5% of amount rolled
Signature Guarantee (if account open 90+ days)Free
Amortization Schedule$5.00
ATM Service Charge (transactions at non-DCB ATMs)$2.00

Safe Deposit Boxes
2 x 5 Annual Fee$25.00
3 x 5 Annual Fee$30.00
5 x 5 Annual Fee$35.00
3 x 10 Annual Fee$50.00
5 x 10 Annual Fee$65.00
10 x 10 Annual Fee$100.00
One Time Key Deposit$5.00
Box Drilling (Both Keys Lost)$200.00

*Contents of Safe Deposit Boxes are not FDIC Insured.



Fee Disclaimer

Multiple fees may apply.  The fees described become effective September 27, 2022. Except as otherwise provided by law and consumer banking regulation, all fees described herein are subject to change at any time without prior notification. This information does NOT provide you with any specific legal rights. Any information describing fees and account terms is solely for marketing and informational purposes only. The terms and fees described are representative of the contractual terms of deposit accounts opened and available at this bank. Actual account terms and conditions for an account you wish to open may vary according to specific terms contained in each account contract at the time you open an account, and as lawfully amended thereafter.